First reviews coming in…

Corruptions has been available for a little over a month now, and the first reviews are coming in.  Not official reviews, as in the media, but reviews — which these days can be just as important.  Check out this  one:

This book captured my interest right from the first page. It’s about the unsavory business of Washington lobbying, and the author delivers with a panoply of dodgy characters, unethical behaviors, and sordid outcomes, all while thoroughly keeping us interested in the protagonist’s inner turmoil and increasingly questionable ethics. To an outsider like me, the book was an education, and a series of plot twists kept me on edge straight to the end. There are countless washington-insider books; this one has the feel of a trustworthy guide who is taking you down fascinating alleys that you’d never dare enter on your own. I recommend this one, and I hope for future books from this author!


About jtshea05

First-time author of the novel, "Corruptions: A novel of Washington." After 14 years as a foreign aid and foreign policy lobbyist in Washington, I escaped to San Diego -- and started writing. For a day job, I've been working in development in higher education, first at UC San Diego and now at Dartmouth College. I'm happily married with two wonderful grandchildren. View all posts by jtshea05

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